Some weeks ago our director Bill Dutton posted on his blog A List of Centers for Research and Teaching Focused on the Internet and Society. There were little mentions of places in Germany that do relevant research which would probably meet most people’s expectations (including my own originally) which is that the country of Weber and Habermas has little insight to offer to those who want to make sense of what the Internet means for societies and/or individuals.I am a hard bloggin' scientist. Read the Manifesto.

However, on second glance there is more going on (the hard bloggin’ scientists are only one example) so I decided to start a list of my own that collects people and institutions in Germany that do (or have done) relevant research. There is quite an impressive array of actors assembled but as of yet there is no a dedicated research center as our very own here in the UK and only very few departments whose focus is on online research and that would produce measurable output.

Internet research in Germany – People and Institutions

While I hope the list might be of use to some my main reason in drawing attention to it is to ask for your collective wisdom in adding more names to the list. If you know of anyone or any place that should be there, please comment on this post or drop me an email. Thank you!

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  1. 1 Aaron Helton

    Thanks for this list. It’s good to see that many countries are examining the role of the Internet on societies at large. My own attempts to uncover such programs was necessarily limited to English speaking countries, or programs that can be done in or were advertised in English, as I speak only English.

    Oh, and the link you provided doesn’t quite work. I got it by going to:

  2. 2 tobias.escher

    Aaron, thanks for the hint. Should now be fixed here but will take a bit before it goes to the aggregator

  3. 3 Markus

    The list should be helpful to many international researchers since german sites rarely offer much english content.

    I would like to add the following institutions..

    Max Planck Institute for the Study of Societies
    Project Area: Science, Technology and Innovation
    Project Area: Research Group on Institution Building across Borders

    University of Wuerzburg “Wissenschaftlich Arbeiten im Web 2.0″

    Jeanette Hoffmann – WZB/ Internet Governance

    Tina Günther

  4. 4 tobias.escher

    @Markus: great suggestions, thanks a lot and keep it coming :) I already updated the list accordingly (was not sure about Würzburg though…)

  1. 1 Hard Bloggin’ Scientist | Αγγελόπουλος Σπύρος

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