I-Sight Accessory and Book Light

  • Phenomenal brightness, ultra-light weight
  • Adjustable ear loop - wear left or right
  • Long-lasting, easily replaceable batteries
RadTech I-Sight


I-Sight Specs:

Power: 2x3v CR2032 Coin Cells
Mount: Reversible, Adjustable Ear Loop
Illumination: Bright White, Green
Projector: Reflected, Lens-Focused
Main Spot Dia: 25cm at 0.5m
Weight: 18g
Designed in USA, Assy in China

Price: $12.95

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White and Green Illumination Guide

I-Sight Ear-Mounted Light

Ear-Mounted, super-bright LED personal illuminator. Up to one-mile visibility - weighs just 18 grams!

Description: See everything, in total darkness, with both hands free. The I-Sight is one of the coolest, must-have tools you won't want to be without. The overdriven, super-bright Nichia LED module features a parabolic reflector and precision focusing lens to provide a phenomenally bright and uniform beam pattern, with no hotspots - just pure and even lighting. I-Sight's reversible and adjustable ear loop allows use with or without glasses on left or right ears.

Weighing a scant 18 grams, and featuring a useable runtime of over 36 hours, I-Sight illuminates your field of vision, with no distracting side flare. Easily lights anything and everything you look at, while keeping both hands free.
I-Sight includes Lithium batteries, which will last for months to years when used 2-3 hours per day!

Unit features an easy to operate on/off button for the ultimate in convenience. Great for astronomers, photographers, mechanics, engineers, electricians, plumbers, backpackers, campers, law enforcement and others.
I-Sight is available in 2 illumination colors: bright white for general tasks, and green for situations when dark vision needs to be maintained. Affixes to right or left ear; compatible with eyeglasses, Bluetooth headsets, hats, caps, helmets, etc.


- Phenomenal brightness and extraordinary battery life.
- Adjustable and reversible rubber-coated ear loop.
- Long-lasting, user-replaceable batteries - Lithium cells included!
- Virtually indestructible, unbreakable LED "bulb". Thousands of uses.
- Peacefully coexists with eyeglasses and BT headsets.
- Works under water - unaffected by heat or cold.