A Career in Transition

March 09, 2013

For nearly 15 years, I’ve called myself a web developer. The twelve years of this blog’s existence is a testament to that. I’ve written hundreds of blog posts that document my trials and tribulations with web development. In those 15 years I’ve had job titles like Technical Architect, Project Manager, Lead Designer, and even Director of Technology. Underneath it all, though, I just b...

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Selling my e-book on Amazon

October 21, 2012

After reading Thomas Fuchs’ post, 5 rules to sell thousands of copies of your ebook, and the ensuing Twitter discussion, I decided to share my thoughts on selling my book, SMACSS, on Amazon. Had you asked me before I wrote this post whether I would sell on Amazon again, I’d have flat out said no. Having researched and compiled numbers for this post, now I’m not so sure. Let...

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Previous Parent

September 22, 2012

Plenty of people in the CSS world want a parent selector. It’s complicated and I understand it if browsers didn’t implement it. However, something that could work and could be useful is what I call the Previous Parent selector. Since CSS is essentially read from right-to-left, and from current element to top element, it should be possible to find a child element of a parent e...

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Get Jacked

September 21, 2012

Jack the Lumberjack was getting a little tired of hanging out on book covers and has decided to expand out into the world of fashion. I don't blame him. He has a face made to adorn the chest of many a geek, male and female. In fact, he has inspired me to grow my own beard all bushy and bold. Where might you find Jack? Why, on a United Pixelworker Tee, of course. Get yours before Monday! ...

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